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Porthleven to Gunwalloe Fishing Cove (5 miles - medium difficulty)

This walk begins in the harbour at Porthleven and involves a considerable amount of cliff walking, so may not be suitable for the less able. Parking can be found in Porthleven in one of the car parks. The walk begins on Cliff Road, which is accessed from the right hand side of the harbour as you view the village from the sea. From Cliff Road, the path continues to the right onto Loe Bar Road. This takes you past the Tye Rocks Country House, and up several steps to Parc-an-Als cliff. The path then continues on to Loe Pool and across Loe Bar. From here, walk along the cliffs to Gunwallow Fishing Cove, passing the Anson Monument. This monument was erected in 1949 in memory of the crew of the HMS Anson, who drowned when their ship was wrecked on these cliffs on 29 December 1807. Further on, you will pass an old quarry. When you reach Baulk Head, climb up and over it and head towards Halzephron Herb Farm. Continue onwards and then bear right on to Halzephron Cliff - from here, simply follow the path along the cliffs and down into Gunwalloe Church Cove.

Address: Porthleven