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Mullion Cove to Kynance Cove (4.5 miles - medium-difficult)

Parking can be found next to the Mullion Cove Hotel, from where the footpath is indicated down towards the harbour (some steps involved). Leave the harbour following the sign to the right. As you reach the top, you will see the Mullion and Predannack Cliffs Nature Reserve. Continue on the path and you will now see 'Toldhu' (Mullion Island) out to sea. This island consists mostly of Pillow Lava, which gives it its dark colour. Follow the path down into a small valley, and cross the stream at the bottom. Next, climb over the stile and pass the kissing gate. The path then continues to the left, passing Men-te-heul Point, and on to Predannack Head. The path then winds left above Ogo-dour Cove and down the slope, where you will again have to cross a stream. Continue up Lower Predannack Cliff and on to the Lizard National Nature Reserve. Now walk around Vellan Head and past Ogo Pons. When you reach Gew Graze, cross another stream and continue on upwards. The path will then take you past Pigeon Ogo and The Horse headland. Further along the cliff, turn left at Rill Point and follow the path past Kynance Farm Nature reserve and down into Kynance Cove.

Address: Mullion