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Seaton to Portwrinkle (4 miles - easy to medium difficulty)

Park your car at the large car park behind Seaton beach and then commence your journey by walking along the road towards Downderry. Go right through the village, passing the school on your way out. Where the road bends sharply, leave the road following the signed route. You will pass Downderry Lodge. Continue on the path up the steps and on up Battern Cliffs. Go through a gate, and further on, you will pass a quarry. The path now continues to the right as signed. You will now be walking along Eglarooze Cliff towards the sea. Further on, go through a gate, passing a stile to your left. Follow the path down some steps and around Britain Point. Go through another gate and follow the path down. As you walk on, you will pass through several more gates and around a large chasm. Finally, follow the steps down into Portwrinkle.