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Portreath to Porthtowan (4 miles - medium difficulty)

Parking can be found in the large car park at Portreath beach, or along the roadside in the village. From the car park, follow the road inland back towards the village centre. Where the road bears left, take the road to the left, with the pub on your right and the harbour on your left. Go up the hill towards Nancekuke, an area used by the Ministry of Defence for training. At the top of the hill, just before you reach the fence, take the path to the left signed Godrevy 8 and a quarter miles, Porthtowan 2 and a quarter miles. You will now be walking very close to the edge of the cliff so please be careful. The path continues on around Gooden Heane Cove. You will soon reach a sign saying 'Danger Mine Shaft and MOD Property'. Go through the gate and follow the path as it continues above Hayle Ulla. Now follow the steps down into the valley, crossing the bridge over the stream at the bottom. Climb up the steps to leave the valley. Continue on the path towards a small white building. The path will now take you on to a valley called Sally's Bottom - go down into the valley and up out the other side. At the top you will find Kite's Shaft, a capped mineshaft. From here, simply follow the path as it takes you gradually down into Porthtowan.