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Trevellas Porth to Perranporth (3 miles - medium difficulty)

There is limited parking available at Trevellas Porth. Once you have parked the car, climb the steps up the cliff side to reach the top. Now follow the path on to Trevellas Airfield and then towards Cligga Head. Out to sea, you will be able to see the small Green Island. Keep following the path as signposted and you will come to an area of mine waste above Hanover Cove. Continue on the path towards the top of Cligga Head. The path now goes on to an area interspersed with the ruins of old mine buildings. Soon you will come across a small road going down to Perranporth. Ignore this road, instead continuing up the path onto Shag Rock and then down onto Droskyn Point. The path will eventually meet the road near the youth hostel. From here, simply follow the road down into Perranporth.