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Boscastle to Buckator (2.5 miles - medium difficulty)

Parking can be found at the Cobweb car park in Boscastle. Start your walk by heading towards the harbour. At the bridge, go to the right, passing the National Trust shop on the right hand side of the river. Following the signed route, climb up the path to the right. You will pass a row of cottages on your way up. Climb up the steps to meet the path which runs alongside a slate wall. Keep following the path as signposted. Further on you will be able to see the Pentargon Waterfall. Keep walking on towards Pentargon Cliff to a stile set in a wall. Climb the stile and continue on the path as it follows the boundaries of a field to the left. You will come across a sign saying that Boscastle is a third of a mile away. Climb two more stiles into a field; cross the field and then follow the many steps (up to 100) down to a bridge over a stream. Go over the bridge and continue up the steps. The path will then level out before taking you down more steps and past Seals Hole. Now follow a steep climb to lead you to an area just below Firebeacon Point. There is a memorial seat here. Continue on the path passing the post for Beeny and climb the stile into another field. The path will then lead you on to another stile. You will now need to go through a gap in the hedge and on up through another field. Carry on over another stile, passing a bench to another stile. After this follow another two stiles. Eventually you will come to some marshland; there are stepping stones to help you across so that you are alongside Buckator Cliff.