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High Cliff to Crackington Haven (2 miles - medium difficulty)

There is a small layby near Trevigue Farm where you can leave your car. The path begins across the road and is signed 'Strangles'. Where the path forks, take the path to the right, through a fence and on towards the Cambeak. Further on, the path will take you above the Northern Door Arch, down past Cam Strand, and along the Cambeak headland. Now follow the path, indicated by the white sign, down into Cam Dean. Continue over a bridge and up some steps to a stile. The path climbs a while and then goes down into Tremoutha Haven. Now cross another stile and a bridge, go up the steps and on to another stile in a field. You will come to another stile, then a bridge and yet another stile before you get to 50 or so steps leading up to a kissing gate. Now in a field, go through another kissing gate and follow the path down into Crackington Haven.