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Stanbury Mouth to Marsland Mouth (3 miles - difficult)

Parking can be found either by Morwenstow Church or by the Bush Inn at Crosstown. If you park at the church you will need to walk back towards the Inn. Join the footpath and head towards Eastaway Manor via Stanbury. When you reach the manor, join the road and bear right, heading towards the coast. You will come to Stanbury Mouth. To the right you will find a path leading up to the top of the cliff. Take the path, passing Hippa Rock, Caunter beach and Greenway beach. Continue on the path to eventually drop down (quite steeply) near Higher Sharpnose Point. Pass the waterfall and follow the path down into the valley. Cross the stream at the bottom and continue on up out of the valley. You will now be on National Trust land. Pass Lucky Hole and an old hut - this hut was one the property of Reverend R. S. Hawker, Morwenstow's vicar between 1834 and 1875. Rev. Hawker is most famous for his song 'Trelawney' which became Cornwall's anthem and is still sung today. Cross the bridge and follow the steep path up Henna Cliff. Climb a stile and then follow the path on to another stile and down into Yeol Mouth. At the bottom, cross the bridge over the stream and then continue on the path up Yeol Mouth Cliff. At the top, climb two more stiles and then continue along Cornakey Cliff. You will come across several more stiles before dropping down into Litter Mouth (again this is steep). Cross the bridge and follow the path back up out of Litter Mouth. You will now be walking along Marsland Cliff. From here, simply follow the path as it leads you down into Marsland Mouth.