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Cape Cornwall to Botallack (2 miles - medium difficulty)

There is parking at Cape Cornwall in a National Trust car park. The footpath heads off to the left of the car park and runs along the top of the cliffs. Points of interest along the way include the Longships Lighthouse and the remains of St Helen's Oratory. Also visible along the way are the Brisons Rocks, one mile off the coastline. The rocks are in fact joined to the headland by a reef; the reef, however, is only visible during certain times and as such, has caused many shipwrecks over the years. Further on, the path takes you over a footbridge and up towards Kenidjack. The path then continues along the cliffs to Botalllack. Towards the end of the walk you will see the remains of Wheal Edward and Wheal Owles.

Address: Cape Cornwall