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Helford is a quiet but stunning village. At one time, trading ships would bring French imports such as rum and lace into the village and there pirates and smugglers are woven into many stories. Most famously, Frenchman's Creek was once overrun by pirates and smugglers inspiring Daphne du Maurier's novel of the same name. Frenchman's Creek can be reached by walking along a path from the village. Helford has a car park where it is imperative to leave your vehicle as Helford has no through road. As such, a pedestrian ferry links the north and south banks of the Helford River, during the peak seasons. The village has toilets, a shop/delicatessen, a pub and a cafe as well as Sailing Club. Nearby Trelowarren House is a fine example of the spectacular residences of the area. Trelowarren House was once owned by the half-brother of William the Conquerer, but has been the property of the Vyvyan family since 1426.